Bulk Program Details

Prices & Discounts

Bulk prices are listed with a very small mark up for us to manage the order. This pricing model means Bulk prices are exempt from coupons, sales, free gifts, and promotions. 

Price Changes

Manufacturers have the right to change product costs without notice. As we receive a notice of product cost changes, Bulk product prices will change accordingly. 


Is per our normal shipping rates.


All orders must be paid in full before we can process the order. 


To keep prices as low as possible, we do not stock Bulk inventory. Bulk Fragrances will ship in average of 18 days. Will ship UPS ground or USPS Ground. We may substitute 10 - 1lb bottles for the 10lb sizing to help fulfill the order faster and/or to help keep our shipping costs down.

Canceled Bulk Orders

Since Bulk sizes are special orders with the manufacturer, all canceled orders will have a 50% cancellation fee. 


No refunds or returns on Bulk sizes 


For additional questions regarding the Bulk pricing program please contact customer service Here

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