Fragrance Oil FAQ

Are your oils sold by weight or volume? 

Our fragrance oils are sold by weight. Fill levels on different scents may vary based on the weight of the particular oil itself. Our bottles are filled to order on a calibrated digital scale. 


Are your fragrance oils phthalate-free? 

Not all of them are. This information can be found on each individual item page. Phthalate- Free oils can be found here


Can I apply your fragrance oils directly to my skin?

No. Our fragrance oils are concentrated and should not be applied directly from the bottle to the skin. 


What is the best way to store fragrance oils?

It is best to store fragrances out of direct sunlight. A dark, cool cupboard or cabinet is ideal.


What is the shelf life of fragrance oils? 

When stored properly, out of direct sunlight and well sealed, fragrance oils have a shelf life of approximately one year.


How are your fragrance oils shipped? 

Our fragrance oils are shipped in puncture resistant and UV resistant PET bottles. Our bottles include induction heat seals help prevent leaks. The bottles are then placed into poly bags as a last resort effort to stop any leakage if it occurs. All of our products are shipped in boxes "We do not ship any products in bubble mailers"


What is a Flash Point?

Flash Point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid will generate enough vapor to ignite when exposed to a source of ignition such as a spark or flame.


Are your fragrance oils all natural?

Most fragrance oils contain natural and synthetic ingredients.


My oil has crystallized, why?

Some fragrance oils can crystallize in colder temperatures. We are in Wisconsin where winters are pretty cold, not to mention your oil has likely been in a cold truck while on it's way to you. The oil gets cold and can separate. Your oil is not ruined. Just heat a pan of water, remove the pan from the heat and put the bottle of oil into the water. The oil will melt back to original form. Remove the bottle from the water and give it a good shake and it will be all good again.

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