We take pride in making sure all of our shipments are packaged to high standards. We want all items to be received in the same condition as they were when shipped.

When shipping our fragrance oil, all of our oils are packaged in impact resistant bottles. We then use shrink bands on them to help prevent any leaks. Then we place the bottles in 2 mil poly bags. The bags are then placed into the shipping box which is packed using shredded crinkle paper to keep the bottles securely in place. Please refer to the pictures below of our packaging.

Shipping Information:

We ship Monday - Friday (Excluding Holidays) Normally we process orders as soon as they come in, but depending on order volume some orders can take 1-3 days to ship.

US Shipping Pricing:

When checking out you may choose any shipping option you like that shows up. We ship all our items in boxes only.

First Class: If you are ordering a few small bottles depending on weight you may be given the option for First Class Mail. This option figures in weight of the product, bottle, packaging, and box weight. We still ship first class items in boxes.

Priority Mail: Depending on item weights this option may be cheaper than the flat rate option.

$8 Flat Rate: If you have a lot of bottles you can save a great deal of money buy using our $8 flat rate option. This is a special shipping offered for fragrance oils and dye. We are able to offer this shipping because we can fit many bottles into a box. $8 flat rate shipping is a special shipping we offer on oils & dye, this does not mean that your item(s) will necessarily ship in a flat rate USPS box. Flat rate shipping is available to US customers only.

$10.50 Flat Rate 1st Priority: If you choose this option your order is Guaranteed to ship next business day Mon - Fri (Excluding Holidays)

International Shipping Information Canada Only:

First Class Mail International: This lower priced option may show up depending on product size and weight.

Priority Mail International: This is our normal shipping option for Canadian shipments. Much more weight can be shipped via Priority Mail.

Shipping and Handling fees - In an attempt to be transparent we would like to cover how this works. Our shipping prices include handling fees. This is pretty standard when it comes to purchasing anything that is shipped. What we charge for shipping may not always be the same that USPS charges us. These fees help cover packaging supplies, including bags, shrink bands, packaging materials, labels, receipts, ink, processing fees, and our time. Since we offer an $8 flat rate shipping on oils and dye a lot of the time we are actually paying more for shipping and supplies than we charge our customers. If you have any shipping related questions please feel free to contact us.